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Asthi Plus Capsules

Rs 160 Rs 160 / Piece

In Ayurveda, Sandhivat word stands for -Pain in the bony joints of the body means

Vat in Joints
, It causes pain, clutter and swelling in Joints. Because of this, Patient feels problem in walking and dont do even normal work of Joints. This disease called Sandhivat. The Asthi Plus Capsules is formulated from natural herbs. Ingredients: Rasana, Vidhara, Dashmool, Harmal, Shatavar and other herbs. Asthi Plus helps provide relief against pain, clutter and swelling in Joints and treat Vat in Joints.

Also Available 100 Capsules for Rs. 650.0/-and 500 Capsules for Rs. 3,150.0/-

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